In this course you will learn the tools to structure a Barre Movement Class. We will dive into movement patterns, counting and cueing to music, motivational and technique language, personal development and tools to find your voice as an instructor. This course is designed for those who want to teach, and also for those who are just simply looking to develop their personal practice and understanding of the Barre Movement Method!

What Participants are Saying

"Crystals Barre Movement level 1 course was absolutely fantastic. The course was insightful and hands on. With plenty of resources to reference to during and even after the course was complete. Afterwards, I felt excited and empowered to share my new knowledge with friends and family. And now, because of the confidence I gained thru Crystals class. I have a regular slot instructing a barre class at my favourite studio! Thank you Crystal!"


I loved the barre movement training course, the class energy was so positive ad uplifting. I felt like I could learn in a safe space which encouraged me to continue to build my skill. It's all about the journey and that is exactly the kind of inspiration that Crystal radiates.


Crystal definitely taught me a lot in her barre movement class. Everything you need to know about becoming an instructor is in this training. From all the proper techniques, to different exercises, to building a class, and creating themes. I highly recommend taking this training even if you do not want to be an instructor since it will give you a better understanding about barre itself.