Crystal McGrath currently has certification in Reiki, Theta Healing, Sacred Geometry, Emotional Detox, Spin, Barre, Surfiest and Yoga teacher training. She is also a professional Musician and Music/Confidence Coach.

Crystal has an intuitive nature that she uses to help bring out the best in people. Her goal is to help people understand their truest potential healing themselves from the inside out. We all have the capability to heal ourselves, we sometimes just need a little guidance to get us to that point of inner healing, Crystal is trained to take you to that journey of self discovery and growth. Often our physical ailments are created from an emotional state, Crystal will help you clear blocks, witness emotion and practice the art of letting go.

Sometimes it is scary to recognize where we need to grow, Crystal's mission is to guide you to living to your fullest potential in the present moment.

Chantel Bradley is a full spirited woman with desire to see everyone attain a level of living, which far exceeds their dreams. 
From a business administrator, to sales person, to full time mom, Chantel has also recently completed the Addictions & Community Service Worker Diploma Program. 

Now, Chantel’s Journey has led her on a path to supporting those who wish to experience more Joy and freedom in their lives. She too, has had her share of only existing on this planet, and spending many years trying to figure out what was missing. Having finally woken up to an extraordinary world of possibilities, her vision for all beings who walk this earth, is to see it breath life in every waking moment and to live with love in their hearts.

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