Plunge into Yoga

Are you looking to expand your freedom and live to your fullest potential? Are you tired of feeling like you have given away all your energy by the days end? Are your committed to loving yourself? Then you are READY TO TAKE THE PLUNGE!! there are so many options of yoga available for you! You can practice in a hot room or regular temperature (I love and teach both!!) there are so many different styles, you can do a more physically active Flow class, or a gentle opening Restorative Yin class! I have had a lot of clients sign up for private sessions at the start of their yoga journey to have a space where they are open to be themselves, make mistakes, ask questions and grow in their yoga practice! however I also have new yogis in my classes at the hot studios all the time which is equally beneficial, listen to what you think would serve you best and go for it!!! In yoga you move to where your body is telling you where to go! There is no judgement in the room or comparisons to your neighbours or your previous days self, the idea is to check your ego at the door and come into a SAFE comfterable environment. Move through an active meditation allowing your mind to have a break for the constant buzz of the world around you and take this time for you to get to know yourself a little that you can interact with those in your life with a little more zest for life!!!! Why not try it, the worst that can happen is you have a hour nap :) and who doesn't love a nap!!!

See you on the mat!!



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