And So It Begins

And So It Begins

November 9, 2016


Chany Groening

Wishing all a beautiful fall day.

First off I would like to express my deepest gratitude to you, for joining me on my fun journey of creativity and expression.

And Second! I wish to express and huge heartfelt Thank You to my dear friend Crystal McGrath! Crystal granted me a dream come true yesterday and I am going to tell you all about it, as it is part of how I came to this space to start sharing my journey with you. So Crystal, Here's to you, THANK YOU!

So I'd like to tell you about myself, just a little. My name is Chantel veronica Groening, today at the age of 33. My peeps call me Chany. I had just been recently married to the love of my life, Ben. I have a 7 year old Son, Hendrix. Also the utmost light of my life. A true angle to me. And Now, I have three awesome teen Bonus kids, Noah, who is the oldest at just about 16, Jeremy, the middle at just turned 15 and Kalie who is also about to have a birthday turning 14. I am an only child myself. So on the weekends when all the kids are home with us, it’s a bit busy around here. Lots of learning experiences for me. Oh, I am sure I'll be telling you about my humbling moments down the road.

So my intention for this space, is that I remain real and authentic with you. I wish to see others live a more fulfilling life, as I know, even the "successful" ones, may still feel like there is something missing. I truly with out a doubt, feel as though I may have started to tap into that, the real life fulfillment. It's almost like a real deep sense of purpose and belonging, a constant excitement to wake in the morning, to live in a state of wonder and curiosity, a place of unconditional love for all thing in and around me. Well my intention at the root of it all… is to share one love!

I am in recovery from alcohol and drugs. I began my "new life" 5 years ago. The day my "new life" started was October 11, 2011 (lots of ones in that date). And it has been incredible every single step of the way. I live now with no regrets. Everything is part of this amazing learning process, I feel so so so privileged to be alive today.

Now, I had this dream once… and apparently they do come true!! Especially when I started to find myself aligned with the "true me". It was to start a blog. I felt as though, with all the negativity out there in the world, it would be nice to send some love and light out there. Even if it was with just one person, it did happen, and I made a change and it meant the world to them and that’s huge for me.I guess a hidden agenda that is coming up for me in this moment, is that if I could impact one person, and they in return impacted one person, and that person goes out and shares a whole lotta love and light to another person… well that’s 4 people and it started with just me, you know it’s a whole lot better then staying stuck in the negative yuk that is going on out there. Oh and there are lots of people out there just like me. However, I am now seeing that my vision has expanded. Yes I am OK with being a beacon of light to that one person, but holy hanna, if the possibilities are endless, why not aim for that? So that is what I have done, and it starts here.

My dream I was telling you about. I had not followed through with this vision of having a one love blog. Reason being, is to much self judgement and fear!!! Dun dun duunnnn. That silly fear of not being good enough. So I let that dream go. And continued on the journey of finding my voice. Well here it is!!! I found it!

It all started a few days ago I was listening to a podcast (cause I love listening to empowering podcasts all the time) and the lady I was listening to, had hit some 2 million plus followers now, and as she describes it, she was doing is a journal entry on a screen. While listening to her speaking, I felt a nudge inside my chest and thought to myself "hmmm, remember your dream five years ago?" and then it was gone. Fleeting thought, like most of them. So anyhow, I'm speaking with my good friend Crystal here yesterday morning, and she goes to tell me about the latest "Big Picture" vision board workshop blog post she had just done. I tell her about my 5 year old dream, the podcast that I had listened too, and how I feel like I need to start writing. Well my blockage was that I wouldn’t know where to start! I know how to buy a little lined journal from the dollar store and write in that, but this is a whole other ball game. Well then she so generously said "You can have space on live with love! I get that set up right away." and here it is. My dream come true of blogging with you!!! So that is how this has begun, and that is why I have such gratitude for her providing this space for us to share a journey together.

I am so thankful that you took the opportunity to read this. I honestly, have no expectations of this going anywhere, but I do have good feeling about it. So ill run with it. We will chat soon, I can guarantee it.

One love my friend



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