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Hi guys, Me again. YAY! I'm so very excited to be doing these blogs. Even if no one reads 'em, I'm still having fun.

So my motivation for this blog today is based on a little bug called the " Flu".

Last Friday, I woke up with a deep calling to self care, and just truly relax with no guilt attached. It also happened to be remembrance day. Of course Hendrix was home with me. I heard deep down inside me to just let go of the need to control the day and be still for once.

WELL, let me tell you, that very quickly turned into "I'm weak and cant seem to walk myself to bed" so I remained on the couch the whole day.

I had explained earlier to Hendrix that I have a need to take care of myself in order to be my best "mommy self" to him. Once I explained why it's important to take time for our selves, What does my little bean do? Go get me a blanket, my ipad and his favourite stuffy, wrapped me all up and said, "there mom! NOW you can take care of your self" and laid next to me while watching Tom and Jerry.

Well that weekend ended up disappearing into thin air. I got violently and painfully ill. Unable to eat solids for 4 days, actually I'm still working on it. I had, only a few times taken something for my fever.

In my head I kept saying this is ridiculous I need to go see a doctor and get him to fix it NOW. You know, cause I have this friend in my head otherwise known as, EGO, had other plans for me. Ha. My inner self was telling me the whole time, just let your body do its job. (It is the most magnificent machine in the world. The Brain and the Human body working together in perfect harmony.) So I did just that. Yesterday I was on day five. I realized if I were to go to the doctor and say it is a virus and antibiotic could heal, great, now I took away my body's ability to complete the healing process. So I opted out of the doctor office.

I've been neglecting my body so many years in my previous life of addiction, I needed to honour it now. Well I feel so so good about how the process went along. Day 6 since I got sick and my heart centre couldn't feel better. So much Self love. My body said rest, I let go and said OK. Now I feel great! I've moved another level into self acceptance.

On such a larger scale, I forget about how I am so perfectly guided on this life journey. From the inside out. From a cellular level and universally. Truly listening to my heart has inspired yet another day of spreading One Love on the earth around me.

There is so much more to the pain one might experience, There is a process involved. And its called healing, or Growing!

There's a guy a like to listen to, and read and watch, His name is Michael Beckwith, and in one of his life changing books, I'm paraphrasing here, but he said something along the lines that Pain pushes us until our greater vision pulls us. I feel like physically, I experienced that in a way. On a lighter scale then my "rock bottom". But what a beautiful process healing truly is. What comes out of going through it. NO masking it, or ignoring it, or pretending it doesn't exist. But just making the truth known, understood and releasing it. As that truth no longer served me any purpose. But I tell you that there is no way That id be able to adopt a more serving truth into my life, if I didn’t release the old that was holding me back, keeping me stuck, and preventing me from shining real bright.

That's what we are here to do. SHINE.

So who knew a person could be exited about getting sick. Lol I am and I honoured it as a sacred journey. A friend mentioned today that my son even was shown a very valuable lesson on the importance to self care. Oh so wise.

Well that's my blurb for the moment being. Anytime you wish to send me a comment or what not, email me, lifecometrue@icloud.com

One love my friend! Thanks for listening.


Ps, side note. Don't get me wrong that there is most certainly a time and place for my doctor and needed medications if the circumstances are favourable. And proper healing approaches applied. I'm just not one for masking ailments with things that weaken me personally. I've done it many years in many forms. I choose to let the gift of my temple body do it's magic going further. Hehe that's all for now.


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