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Strength and Courage

What is strength to you? How does strength show up in your daily life? I ask you sit with yourself for a moment and witness your answers, perhaps write them down or just allow them to be present in your mind notice what you come up with…there is no right or wrong.

Today I witnessed strength, Today I witnessed courage, Today I witnessed Joy and love on an unconditional level that spoke to me more then words ever could. We so often live in this world full of fear, forgetting what its like to be at peace…And then you meet a family that reminds you of lifes greatest joys, lifes greatest gifts…LOVE! First of all I want to remind us all that we never know what a person might be going through, how they might be suffering, how they might be holding themselves together with broken thread or how they might have a beautiful story to share with you, to inspire you…Look at your neighbor say hello….look at that stranger next to you in your fitness class and high 5 them for showing up….laugh with a stranger….be at peace with a stranger. I use the word stranger..but are we strangers really? We are all here on this planet living together, breathing together, feeling together, functioning together…how is it that we create this world where we can isolate ourselves to our own private worlds to consider the people we pass throughout our days strangers?...I’m not going to lie I am also a participant in the way we function as strangers, however I am continuously inspired to meet and connect with as many people as I can as you truly never know when a person just might change your life. Back to my original story….I met this beautiful soul recently who shared her story with me about what she is currently going through, her 5 year old daughter is terminally ill, she was born with a brain injury that has left her without sight, hearing, and movement. The moment I heard her story I wanted to share my gift of music with them to do whatever I could to share a little bit of joy, so today I went to the Alberta Childrens Hospital with my guitar to sing for this beautiful little courageous girl and her strong momma! I initially went there with ideas planted in my head that it would be really sad and hard to handle let alone sing through, but these were just ideas, just thoughts…not even my thoughts just these fake illusions of sadness. I showed up today and presented joy, and all the energy that I picked up on in that room was these 3 things: Strength, Courage, and Love!!!! In a place where there is so much “challenge” as some may say there was more love and joy in that room then one might find in an entire mall. I was there and felt zero sadness…and lots of love… It made me wonder why strength and love show up so much more in situations of hurt, and why can we not show up for ourselves every single day with courage, strength love and joy? Why does it seem so hard to do some days…Im also not saying that courage and love come easy to this family, my goodness the hardships they must encounter!!! But the energy I felt from this girl wasn’t pain or sadness, just joy and appreciation of being loved. I left there so inspired, full of love and gratitude for having that afternoon with them.

To see how music is such a strong universal language just blows my mind! It is something we can all connect with, something bigger then words, larger then life!!!! It is feeling, it is love! I am so grateful to be able to share the gift of music with the world, even if it is one person at a time! To impact feeling on a soul is such an amazing beautiful experience!!! How many times have you put on a song and bawled your eyes out or threw your hands up and danced until you were red in the face or the first time you slow danced at a school dance, or a soundtrack in a movie scene that made you feel an emotion you haven’t yet experienced, or maybe there’s a song that reminds me of your favorite memory! My point is music moves us all in so many different ways. Music connects us and makes us feel something greater then we could ever see.

How can you work to be the best version of yourself everyday? Keep in mind this might constantly change, one day we may be feeling on top of the world, other days we might be tired with brain fog…but to each and every day how do we show up with what we are dealing with and make it the best day we can? What if for one week you tried this….and then one week turned into one month, which turned into one year which ultimately turned into one lifetime? How would your life be different, how would you show up for other people, How would you take on challenges and opportunities? If you were functioning to your highest capability in every given moment, How would your life expand? I want you to imagine this feeling showing up every day in your life and visualize what your life would feel like, what it would look like and who you would be surrounding yourself with?! Ask yourself this write your ideas down, share with a friend or your partner.

Allow yourself permission to feel joy, love, courage and strength! Don’t allow others judgments on how they think things should or could be to stop you from truly living to your fullest potential, Love everyday and let it shine through in uncondtitional ways! Meet a new person today! Don’t be shy to make conversation with that person sitting next to you on the bus or in a fitness class or in the coffee shop….you never know what gifts you could exchange…..You just never know how your life can change with the word hello.

I have spent a lot of time volunteering at the Alberta Childrens Hospital in the past and we are so lucky to have such an amazing facility that treats everyone there with such kindness and care! Thanks to everyone there for all that you do :)

Sending love, light and laughter to you all




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