Tips on How to catch a 6am class!!

I used to despise 6am classes...I thought you would have to be crazy to want to get up before the sun is rising to move around full of energy aha....


I have a new Respect and Love for the 6am tribes!!! To show up for yourself and rock your body is a huge strength at any hour of the day especially 6am!! I am so energized by the awesome group of humans that show up for my 6am classes I teach!!! Don't get me wrong the first 5 min can be a challenge especially on these cold winter days however the feeling when your done is totally worth it!

Tips on how to make your morning easier :)

1- Lay your clothes out the night before!! makes life way easier especially if you have a partner that doesn't share the same 5 am wake up enthusiasm :)

2-coffee drinker?...set your coffee machine to

brew 5 minutes before your alarm goes off!!

3- Have a glass of water beside your bed to chug upon awakening!

4-set a positive affirmation on the title of your alarm clock if you have the option! I use my phone so when I grab it I see a message like"Today is going to be amazing" or "Be Happy" or " Its a new opportunity to grow and connect" things that that always help me get moving!

5-Pick one of your favourite jams to wake you!! Right now Im enjoying waking up to Kings of Leon-Walls...its a nice relaxing way to rise!!!

6- Wash your face!!!! feel refreshed!

7- Try to get to bed at a decent hour....when midnight hits thats when the 5am calls become more challanging! Our bodies need sleep just as much as they need exercise!!!

8- Take your Supplements!!! getting your fix of nutrients from whole foods is so important to sustain a healthy lifestyle!!!

I take Juice Plus chewable and shakes daily!!!! and the chews taste like candy so for a non sugar goer it feels like quite a treat everyday!!!

9- Be grateful you have the strength to show up for yourself when that alarm goes off!!!

10-We always say we want more time in our days...well guess what by getting your workout in at 6am you've automatically created more time in your day then say if you slept through your workout and had to fit it in later!!!!! so see it as the gift of time!!!!

Hope these tips help you on your way to brighter 6am classes and fuller days of energy love and light!!!!



and you get to watch the sun rise :)


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