Releasing and Letting Go

Let Go...sounds easy right..well easier said then done...we hold on to so much throughout our conversations to situations, experiences, people, grief, heartache and every other emotion that appears throughout our lives...but typically its the more negative ones we like to hold on hold us back from being the very best version of ourselves.. we are creating our own self harm!!!! what the heck why would we do this to ourselves one might ask....sometimes holding on to pain gives us comfort in not being where we want to be in life, it creates a subconscious excuse for failure. We might use examples like; "If I am heartbroken I can not love" holding us back from finding new love and living completely freely as we hold on to heartache. " If I didn't get that job interview, no one will ever hire me" holding us back from putting ourselves out there into the world for new opportunities and growth as we hold on to one opportunity that probably wasn't the right one for us anyways....the list of examples can go on for pages and days, we have all done this at some point in our lives, listening to our false stories we have created for ourselves allowing us to live through a lie instead of truthfully full of love!

How do we let go? Positive well being!! taking care of yourself! providing yourself with the tools to be amazing! OWN YOUR SHIT AND LET IT GO! the moment we name what it is holding us back gives us the power to let it go! when we own it we are now in control and we now have the option and mindfulness to set it free! When working with my clients we start to figure out the areas in their lives that are stagnant, and then dig a little deeper to find the root of resistance to growth...once its named to watch how quickly it can be released and to witness growth begin to occur is truly a magical thing!

Tips on Letting Go:

-Write it down! own it look at it and say this is not my truth! tear it up and burn it or throw it away!

-Affirmations! whatever the postitive opposite is of your situation that has caused negatives beliefs! for example if you feel not good enough because of something that happened remind yourself daily "I AM GOOD ENOUGH" put this as a reminder that pops up on your phone throughout the day....write a post it note for your bathroom mirror.....have it as your computer screen want to be able to see this every day!

-Exercise!! Bringing strength to your body helps create strength in your mind! Go to a group class surround yourself with individuals to help inspire you to show up for yourself and get out of your mind and into your body!!

-Journal! write out your story....highlight your lies one color...highlight your truths another and notice what shows up for you! compile all your lies( anything that doesn't serve your highest potential...the stories we make up about ourselves from past experiences that don't need to be true, that we have the power to change!)

-Meditation!! Allow stillness to occur in your mind, through a positive guided meditation we start to reset our minds to be focus, energized, and inspired to be the very best versions of ourselves!

Check out my online course on letting go for more information on how to release your fears to live the very best version of you TODAY!!!!




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