Atha- Readiness and Commitment

It is time right now to commit to yourself! Open up to the idea that you are ready and have the opportunity to commit fully to yourself to conquer your ambitious goals!

Atha is the study of who we are, Start to let go of allowing your material surroundings to define you as you begin to look within to commit to allowing yourself to living your best life through who you are!

Direct your intentions inward to discover what can unfold!!!

Sometimes when we first begin a new change or challenge such as a new exercise plan or diet we can get really eager and excited at the beginning and then slowly that energy dwindles away leaving us feeling discouraged and frustrated with ourselves and our goals, to prevent this start small, don't expect to conquer everything all at once and write down the reasons your are excited to begin a new challenge or change. When we have these feelings documented we can read and reflect in times that arise that are less excited to re energize and inspire our missions!!

Share below experiences you have had so far in life that you have committed to and how they have brought you fulfillment!!!

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