Juicing is the best way to get all the benefits of fruits and vegetables in their purest form!

Benefits of Juicing:

-Clear Thinking

-Easy way to increase fruit and vegetable intake

-Fast nutrient absorption

-Glowing Eyes and Skin

-Increased Energy

-Improved Appetite Control

-Less Sugar Cravings

-Strong Hair and Nails

-Heightened Taste and Smell

When juicing you can use almost all types of fruits and veggies!!! There are however a few things that should be list! To keep it simple for you this is your short list of do not juice:



Citrus Peels

Juicing Tips:

Drink Fresh

You can not live on Juice Alone!

Explore new produce!

Choose high quality produce

If you are buying fresh pressed juice from a store in a bottle, just make sure on the bottle it states: Raw, Organic, Unpasteurized to make sure you are getting all the benefits!!!

There are so many creative ways to juice! Stay tuned to my blog for recipes!!!!


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