Crushing Chaos Episode 2- Just Start

Just Start!!!!

How many times do you say you want to do something, and then days...months..years pass and you still haven't gotten around to doing it!?!? This episode is all about how you can let go of procrastination and JUST START on whatever it is you are desiring in life!!!

Actionable Solutions!

1- Write down what it is you want to start

2- Write down 3-5 ways on how you can start

3- Write down what is holding you back

4- Make an agreement with yourself to let go of the things holding you back

5- Write down WHY you want to start! keep this handy so you can quickly look at it in moments of discouragement!!!

6- JUST START!!!!!

7-- You can always improve along the way...perfection is over rated :)

8-Have Patience

I am here today, this is my moment, today I am going to start!

It's too easy to do nothing.

We are not here to live an easy life.

We are here to grow.

We are here to inspire.

We are here to be great.

Stop thinking about when you could start and start thinking about starting and living your best life!

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