5 Seasonal Spring Foods To Try

In addition to longer days and warmer weather, spring offers an array of delicious and healthy seasonal produce to eat! We are rounding up some of our favorite fresh foods you can incorporate into your meals this season. Arugula Thinking of switching up your go-to salad? Try adding arugula! This peppery, leafy green is a great way to change up your salad base. Similar to lettuce it can be combined with almost anything, but it has a sharper more flavorful taste. This recipe from Foodie Crush is a great way to try out this new green.

Fennel This bulb-shaped veggie can look intimidating at the grocery store, but in actuality, there are many ways to enjoy this seasonal produce! Whether you like to munch on it raw, grill it with some oil, or roast it in the oven, this crunchy vegetable is not only tasty but great for supporting your digestion too. If you enjoy veggies and dip, or want to try a new side dish, fennel is a great choice! Try this grilled recipe from Skinny Taste and give this bulb veggie a try.

Radishes These small red vegetables are one of spring’s best seasonal foods. Radishes have a slight bite to them and can be added to salads. But, a tasty way to enjoy this veggie is roasted like a potato. This recipe from Finding Zest is so delicious, you may never go back to plain, old roasted potatoes again!

Asparagus This stalk-like vegetable is not only extremely healthy but quite delicious too. If you have had this common seasonal produce pick in the past, you may or may not be a fan of it. Asparagus has a stronger flavor that pairs well with citrus. The Cookie Rookie’s recipe grills the asparagus instead of boiling, adding a nice charred texture and flavor. Paired with lemon and seasonings, this vegetable will become your go-to on the barbecue this season.

Strawberries Would it be a spring seasonal foods list without strawberries? These delicious red berries are even better during the spring season. Whether you enjoy them plain or in a dessert, it is hard to find someone who does not enjoy this sweet fruit. This salad from Grilled Cheese Social, is not only filling and delicious, but the sweetness from the berries adds the perfect touch.

Did any of your springtime favorite produce make the list?

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