Breathwork 101

Connecting with your inner self, creating a ritual, practicing meditation; these are all things to do to help you feel grounded and bring inner peace. However, if you have tried meditation, yoga, or another form of practice, you understand it is not the easiest concept to enjoy right from the get-go, it takes practice. Enter breathwork.

Breathwork is a form of meditation and self-care that can help reduce anxiety, depression, and help you feel more at peace, all with the technique of your breath. Breathwork advocate Cristial Alvarez explains in the Crushing Chaos Podcast how breathwork truly helped her wellbeing from the beginning.

Firstly, what is breathwork? Breathwork is a series of breathing techniques that can help you calm the nervous system. By following a guide and focusing on repetitive breathes, you are connecting with your inner self, and freeing your mind of anxiety and stress-related thoughts.

Okay - so how is this different than meditation? A common question, because in reality there are similarities between breathwork and meditation. Meditation helps to guide you and 'free your mind of thoughts' whereas breathwork allows you to concentrate on your breath. For those that have trouble emptying their mind and focusing on nothing, breathwork allows them to enter a meditative state while having something to shift their concentration on.

Want to give breathwork a try? Be prepared to feel a full-body sensation. Some people have reported that breathwork not only helps them relax their mind, but they can feel the benefits through the entire body.

To learn more about breathwork and how to incorporate it into your daily routine listen to the Crushing Chaos Podcast with Cristal Alvarez today!

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