Crushing Chaos

In the world of 2020, things have changed.

We moved into a more virtual platform, we have learned all about social distance, and the resurgence of the radio came back. By that, we mean the Podcast. Over the last few years, Podcasts have gained popularity, but within the last year, even more so.

When you think about it, Podcasts are the 2020 version of the radio shows our great-great-grandparents listened too, but with the convenience and ease to take them anywhere. Long drive? Podcast. Going for a run? Podcast. Need some background noise while doing chores? Podcast. They have become an ‘old turned new way’ to receive entertainment. From gossip to news, to politics, Podcasts are something you should be listening too not only to fill your time but to better yourself.

On that note - we have a Podcast! Our very own, Crystal McGrath, is the host of the Crushing Chaos Podcast.

What is Crushing Chaos - it’s just that. A Podcast about rushing the chaos, noise, and self doubt we feel on a daily basis. The episodes teach you how to become more in tune with yourself, love yourself from within, and provide a daily dose of inspiration to help your CRUSH IT.

Crystal discusses topics from self-doubt and confidence to health and sleep patterns. She is covering topics you not only want to hear about but need to hear about in order to live your life to the healthiest and fullest! With guests and professionals popping in to chat with Crystal, she goes in-depth with her fellow Podcast guest to get you the most relevant and up to date information in the health and wellness world.

Tune in weekly to Crushing Chaos to learn more about living your most healthy and authentic life, for you!

Listen now at

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