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Diet vs. Lifestyle

Raise your hand if you have ever said the phrase ‘I’m going in a diet.’ Or, the ever so popular ’my diet starts tomorrow.’

No shame, because let’s face it, we have all been there. Whenever a new fad pops up, we inclined to give it a try. And why not? It states we will lose those 5,10, 20 pounds. But what it doesn’t mention but we know all too well, is that those pesky lbs come back and they bring a few extra friends too.

Now, I think you know the answer, but sometimes it’s hard to admit it, dieting doesn’t work. That’s it, we said it. You know it. I know it. Your best friend knows it. Yet, we get stuck on this constant loop and think the next diet that pops up has to work. And yet, it doesn’t. Or it does but only for a couple of weeks, and it fails. Now re-read that again it fails. Not you, you do not fail, the diet fails. That is because diets, no matter how many people endorse them, they are short term, to succeed in the weight loss game your plan can’t be a quick fix. Your plan needs to be tailored to you and your needs. I mean, how can you expect to lose (and keep) the weight off if you hate cabbage soup and you do the cabbage soup diet? That sounds like a punishment, not a lifestyle.

Ding! Did you read that last work, LIFESTYLE. To make something work for you it has to be a part of your lifestyle, and no shame to anyone but eating cabbage soup all day everyday is not conducive to my lifestyle. However, these three tips below do fit within my lifestyle, and I am sure you can make some room for them in yours.

1.) If you can, hire a professional

Hiring a health coach can make all the difference during your weight loss journey. Do you have food allergies? Certain eating patterns? Emotional attachment? These are all common areas that a health coach can assist you with. Working alongside a health coach can help you discover past patterns and help create new patterns around your food choices. Our resident Health Coach, Crystal McGrath, works with you individually and helps discover what type of foods are best for your body. For more information visit our health coach page on our site.

2.) Don’t subtract, add

The first thing you see in most diet plans is what you can’t have. In order to make a lifestyle change you need to focus on the good, like adding foods to your diet. Start small, start slow, and focus on incorporating healthy foods, instead of taking away foods that are ‘bad’. For example, you eat pizza every Friday, it’s a tradition for you, Friday nights = Pizza night. Now, you don’t have to cancel pizza night, but maybe instead of ordering a double cheese, extra meat lovers, stuffed crust party size pizza, you opt for a thin crust, extra veggies and some pepperoni. Once that becomes a habit, maybe cut down to one slice of pizza and add a side salad to your meal. The more you add, the less you can focus on taking away.

3.) I like to move it, move it

It’s common knowledge, that to maintain a healthy lifestyle, you must have some form of movement. The key to make exercise a lifestyle habit is to chose activities you enjoy. Hate running? Swim. Can’t stand yoga? Maybe barre is more your style. The trick is to find something you enjoy, and schedule it like an appointment. Also, have back up workouts, because something is always better than nothing. Need some workout inspo? Live With Love offers online fitness classes From HIIT to Yoga, there is a variety of online classes to try. The best part, all workouts can be done in the comfort of your own space. And, as we all know making a habit attractive (like doing it at home) makes is easier to complete

Remember, there is no quick fix for lasting results. In order to see the success, you need to put in the work, have patience and make the adjustments to get there.

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