Falling For Autumn Scents

As the weather gets cooler, we are spending more time indoors. We love creating a cozy atmosphere that makes us excited to be inside.

A common attribute that gets missed when creating a space - the scent! The smell of your home can add another dimension to your space, helping it transform from a place to a home. Here are our favorite scents for the Fall. Bergamot - A sweet citrus scent with woodsy notes. Great for setting an uplifting mood or a happy, yet calming vibe.

Cinnamon - A sweet and spicy scent. Warming and comforting, this scent is perfect for creating that cozy atmosphere.

Nutmeg - Another warm and spicy scent, similar to cinnamon. Nutmeg is a great smell for an energy boost.

Oregano - A staple in Italian kitchens, but a great addition to your home. Oregano has an earthy scent that helps purify and restore air.

Cypress - A fresh, herbal aroma that promotes a sense of security and calmness.

How do you freshen up your home? We love using natural soy-based candles and essential oils to transform our space for the Fall.

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