Holiday Sips

Eat, drink, and be merry - that's how the saying goes, right?

During this time of year, we tend to be a little more lenient with our health goals, which by the way is totally fine! We believe in treating yourself and creating a healthy relationship with food. But sometimes the healthy 'swaps' of a holiday treat is so good, why wouldn't you make it a staple? We are rounding up our favorite Holiday Libations that are so good, you may stick to the 'healthier' version all year round!

Rosemary Gin Fizz For those who enjoy a bubbly drink during the holidays, this fizzy sip is the perfect drink. Made with gin, rosemary, lemon, and soda the light and refreshing beverage packs tons of flavor with a fraction of the calories. Sip Tip: If you need a sweeter take on this drink, try adding in honey as a natural sweetener, and remember a little goes a long way!

Mulled Wine A holiday classic and for a good reason, loaded with antioxidants are you surprised a mulled wine made the list? We are fans of this recipe because the ingredient list is short and sweet! Sip Tip: Depending on your tastebuds, a quarter cup of sugar maybe a little too sweet. Start with two tablespoons and taste from there!

St. Germain & Champagne For those of us who like to live on the boujee-er side of life, this drink is the perfect combo of class and sweetness. The only thing we love more than the taste is how easy it is to make! Seriously, it is just St. Germain + Champagne, done. Sip Tip: To make this a little bit cleaner, try adding a splash of soda water to cut the amount of alcohol consumed.

What are your favorite holiday sips?

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