How To Create A Morning Routine

Waking up is not many people's favorite part of the day. It is so tempting to stay in your cozy bed and hit the snooze button. But, if you can shift your mindset. and tweak your routine, mornings can soon become your most treasured part of the day. No More Snooze As tempting as it is to hit your snooze button one more time, it actually creates much more harm than good for your body. When you are woken up and out of your REM sleep, and you attempt to get back to bed, even for just a few minutes, it can mess with your body's circadian rhythm. Try and stick to a designated wake-up time, and your body will feel much more refreshed. Those few extra minutes of sleep are not worth feeling groggy later in the day.

Do Something You Love For some people, the morning is the only time they have to themselves. Plan something you enjoy doing when you wake up, even if that means setting your alarm a half-hour earlier. Starting your morning with something that brings you joy can set a positive tone for the entire day. Some tips? Working out, a quick meditation, an episode of your favorite show, reading some pages from a book.

Review Your Schedule Have you ever woken up in such a frenzy that you don't know what is on your plate for the day? Take the time in the morning to review your schedule. A quick glance can help get you up to speed and pre you for the day ahead.

Add Some Wellness Would this be a morning routine roundup if we didn't include some form of wellness to begin your day? Whether you attempt a full out workout in the morning or prefer to start your day on a more gentle note with mediation or yoga, be sure to do something that helps your mind and body.

Bottoms Up You know water is crucial first thing in the AM, think about how long your body has gone without water while sleeping? You are basically dehydrated. So yes, water - warm, cold, room temp, lemon, no lemon, however you take it, be sure to drink up. But, in addition to making sure you are adequately hydrated, treat yourself to something special in the AM too. Whether it is a special blend of coffee or a luxurious tea, make it your morning go-to, making it for mornings only. I have a coconut coffee blend that is my favorite, and I only use it in the morning, it is my little reward for waking up and taking on the day.

Say Thankyou Just being able to wake up is a huge win itself! When I roll out of bed, I sit up (not lie down, because then I will fall back to sleep!) and list three things I am grateful for. It's a simple way to remind yourself of the good in each day.

How do you begin your day? Let us know in the comments below.

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