How To Increase Productivity

Whether you are working from home or back to the normal grind, productivity is something that can be a challenge for everyone. With the invention of smartphones and apps like TikTok, losing focus and getting caught up in something else is very easy to do.

Here are some tips to help boost productivity and keep you focused throughout the day! Tip One: Plan Your Time If your to-do list is a mile and a half long, it can be overwhelming. Just looking at it can tire you out! Instead of pretending it isn't there, try and look at it from a time perspective. Allott a certain amount of time to each task, and plan your day accordingly. For some people, time batching similar tasks together on specific days is a way to plan their time out in an efficient way. One example of this is conference calls, try and schedule your conference calls on one day of the week, with mini-breaks in between. This will allow you to keep your calls all on one day, and get them completed in one shot.


Tip Two: Eliminate Distractions There are some people who can work with their phones next to them and never touch them, there are others (like myself) that the minute I get bored, I will begin to scroll on social media for hours. Understand what your distractions are and get them away from your workspace. That includes your phone, tablet, TV, anything that can lead to you breaking your focus, get rid of it!


Tip Three: Use A Timer This is a great tip if you have multiple tasks going on, or if you get distracted easily. Set a time for an amount of time (let's say 25 minutes) and focus on one task during that time. Once the timer is up, take a quick 5-minute break and reset the timer again. You can continue to work on the same task or begin a new one, it depends on your schedule. If something comes up during your 'working time' make a quick note of it, and review it after the timer goes off.


Tip Four: Eat The Frog Eat the frog is a term that refers to getting the most dreaded task out of the way first. Think about it, if you have a task that you aren't looking forward to completing, and you put it at the end of your to-do list, the chances of you procrastinating are very high. Put that so-called 'frog' at the top of the list, and get it out of the way as soon as possible. This allows you to focus on your remaining tasks with a clear mind and removes the constant sense of worry that you have to get this task done.


Tip Five: Be Flexible! Life happens, between families, obligations, unexpected changes, things do not always go according to plan, and that is okay. Allow yourself to be flexible and roll with the punches, if you get distracted or don't complete what you set out to do reset and refocus. Plan it out again tomorrow; review what happened and what led you to not complete your tasks, and create a new course of action. Tomorrow is a new day!


Do you have tips on how to stay productive? Let us know!

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