How To Stick To Your Routine

Happy Day Number 2864326 of Quarantine! Okay, maybe it hasn’t been that long, but I have lost track of what day we are on. The first thing I noticed when I started to work from home was my routine was completely gone. As someone who has a pretty diligent routine, creating a ‘new normal’ and finding a routine for this situation we are all facing, was not an easy task.

After some trial and error, I have found that adding these few simple steps to my day helps me feel more accomplished and less anxious. These are the tips to help your stick with your routine during the lockdown:

1. Set an alarm

I know it is so easy to sleep in and indulge in some extra zzz’s when you are at home, but one change I have made was set an alarm in the morning. Normally, my alarm was set for 6:15 AM, now that I have the luxury of working from home, I have allowed myself to sleep until 7 AM. It’s a little bit of extra snooze time, but it doesn’t completely derail me from my old work routine. It helps me keep a sense of normalcy.

2. Add in some exercise

Working out may have been a part of your routine, or maybe it wasn’t. But, now is a great time to add some fitness into your schedule. You know working out has many physical benefits, but the mental benefits are incredible, too! Especially at a time like this when you may feel a little uneasy, adding some exercise can help reduce the feeling of anxiety. Not sure where to begin? Be sure to check out Live with Love’s free exercise classes online!

3. Create an evening ritual

Just as sleeping in can become the norm and throw your schedule off, staying up way too late has the same effect. Take this time to create a nighttime routine that you actually look forward too. You may have had trouble sticking to it in the past because you didn’t have enough time to unwind. Now, make it your goal to do some relaxing pastimes before you hit the hay. For example, a bath before bed, a face mask and a jade roller, some essential oils in a humidifier, journalling. These are all simple actions that can help you feel more centered and help your body understand it is time for bed.

4. Progress not perfection

On social media, it seems that if you are not hustling or working hard or being productive during this time, there is something wrong with you. This could not be further from the truth! While creating and sticking to a new routine, focusing on progress is much more important than striving for perfection. Yes, have some guidelines of what you would like to accomplish in a day is great, but don’t get down on yourself if you cannot get to them. Somedays you will go for a run, make a smoothie and jump on a Live with Love fitness class. Other days, you may decide to make pancakes, read a book and still try and get in one Live with Love’s live fitness class ;)

The key here is to be open to a new routine and understand that things may change. This whole process is new, but it has taught many of us that the key to being happy is to be adaptable. Use the tips to help create a routine that is best for you and your life during this time.

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How do you stick to your routine during quarantine? Let us know your tips in the comments below.

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