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We can't believe December is here!

Is it just us, or did 2020 feel like the longest but shortest year all at the same time? In some ways, it felt like this year could not drag on anymore, and on the flip side, we blinked and it was the end of 2020.

We decided to end 2020 in both a loving and positive way. Let's close the chapter on this year peacefully, and welcome 2021 in a gracious way.

We created the December 2020 Kindness & Self-Care Calendar to do just that, help us all to practice self-care and kindness, to both ourselves and others.

You can download the calendar below, to keep on your phone or desktop. Another idea is to print out the calendar and checkmark each activity as you go.

Each day has a different task or activity for you to complete. Some activities are acts of self-care like planning a movie night or doing a face mask - simples ways to show yourself some love. Other tasks involve showing kindness to others, like sending a greeting card as part of our Project: Holiday Happiness campaign.

The calendar is a way for you to connect with yourself and others; and remember to be kind during these crazy and chaotic times.

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