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A few weeks ago, we discussed the benefits of breathwork. A practice that uses breathing patterns to energize, calm, and connect with your inner self.

Today, we are going to look at the ancient practice of meditation and some of the benefits that come along with it. Similar to breathwork, it helps you relax and connect with yourself. However, many people find the act of meditation a challenge. I mean, being forced to clear your mind and think of nothing isn't the easiest task. Here are some of our favorite tips and tricks to help you get into the habit of meditation.

1) Find Your Comfy Spot

Getting comfortable is a must during meditation. Find out what comfy position works best for you. Is it lying down? Sitting in a chair? Sitting on a pillow? Once you have found a position that is the most comfortable for you to relax, stick to it.

2) Go Guided Just like when you were learning how to read or ride a bike, you had a guide or teacher. Meditation is no different! Use a guided meditation to help you relax, realign your focus, and help you with your breaths. Our favorite: Live With Live On-Demand Meditation. Great for any time!

3) Take It Slow When you are practicing a new skill, you can't be an expert right away. It takes time! Dedicate 3 - 5 minutes a day, and work up from there. Start slow, and build up to a full meditation.

4) Pick A Time Habits are formed when we have a ritual that is aligned with the habit. Pick a time of day (first thing in the AM, before bed, after your dinner), and make it your dedicated meditation time. Your brain will start to connect the cues, that during this time of day, we take a break and meditate. Before you know it, your body will begin to crave those moments of peace.

Now that you have some tips to incorporate meditation into your life, here is WHY you need to:

- Reduced stress - everyone can benefit from feeling less stress in their lives, right?

- More clarity - sometimes when we are feeling foggy, a moment of peace can help us focus more.

- Initiate kindness - being more connected within can help you feel better about yourself, which allows you to act better towards others.

- Enhanced productivity - meditation allows you to better know yourself, and how you work. Once you understand what makes you feel good, you will keep striving for that.

- Attention Span - in a world where we crave instant stimulation, meditation can help us become more patient and increase our attention span.

With any new habit, planning and dedication are keys to making this new practice stick. Remember to start small and work your way up, and do not be discouraged. Happy Meditating!

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