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Our Favourite Autumn Activities

With the cool weather coming in, we tend to spend less time outdoors. But just because the weather gets a little bit chillier doesn’t mean all outside fun needs to end, here are our favourite ways to spend time outdoors in the Autumn.

Apple Picking Going apple picking is a Autumn must-do! Picking farm fresh apples right from the tree just taste better. Don‘t believe me? Go pick some, and let me know. They not only taste better, but they are the best for apple desserts too!

Head To A Haunted House Going to a creepy haunted house may be to scary for some, but if you are a fan of the spooky holiday, this may be just the activity for you! Make sure to go to an outdoor haunted house or trail, and get ready for some spooks!

Hiking In the summer, hiking is a typical activity. But with the right clothing and footwear, hiking in the Fall can be not only fun, but absolutely beautiful too. Seeing the beautiful colours of nature during the Fall is something everyone should do!

Pumpkin Carving Whether you get your pumpkins from the grocery store or the pumpkin patch, carving pumpkins is a classic Autumn activity. Download some fun stencils online, or free-hand a design, if you want to take it a step further, host a carving contest! Don’t forget to keep and roast the seeds, they make a great healthy snack.

What activities do you do in the Fall? Let us know in he comment below!

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