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It doesn't matter how old you are, how long you have been working, September is always that 'back to school' feeling. A time to reflect on the warm weather memories, and create a new routine for the season ahead.

Although the summer was different, and not everyone is going 'back to school' or work in a traditional sense, it is a great idea to reflect on the past months, review what has worked, and was has not. Here are some ways you can add some refreshing ideas to your current routine.

Work Space

Whether you are working from home, doing classes online, or your kids are being schooled virtually, review your workspace. What helps you during your day and increated productivity? What hinders your workflow and adds more clutter? A desk clean up can help set the tone for your new work environment. Need some inspo? Check out Pinterest and see what people do with their tiny spaces. Our desk must-haves?

- Pens - a good pen makes a world of a difference

- Stickies - quick notes, reminders, flag important details

- Notepad/Notebook - your ongoing to-do list, notes form a call, reminders

- Planner - review what is coming up, what is due, and what can be moved to another day

- Highlighter - to add some boldness to your notes

- Lamp - good lighting is everything

- Charger - no questions, this one is a no brainer

- Diffuser - set the mood, calm, energizing, relaxing - make your space your own.


With the seasons changing, so does what is seasonally available. Take some time to look into what is available, and do a quick search for some new recipes to try. Fall is about warming foods and harvesting - think squashes, leafy greens, soups, and warm, hearty salads. Herbs and spices like cinnamon, turmeric, and cloves. Review your eating style and start to create some meals around the seasonally available foods.


As it starts to cool down, you may be even more inclined to take your workouts outside. A jog in the AM, an evening stroll, and let's not forget about HIKES! This is the perfect time to find a beautiful hiking trail, take in all the leaves and scenery, and really immerse yourself in the beauty of nature. It's crazy how beautiful your own backyard can be!

YOU Take this time to reflect and look inwards. What are the activities you really enjoy and make you happy? Now that it is getting cooler, can you spend more time indoors reading? Set 30 minutes aside a day to read a book. Or maybe, with the beautiful weather we have been having this summer, you put some projects you loved to the side. Look at some fun DIY activities you enjoy and add them back into your routine (sewing, anyone?). Also, take the time to create a new self-care routine. Do you want to add some light stretching in the AM? Or maybe a quick bedtime flow at night? Does writing affirmations help you clear your mind, and focus on your goals? Or perhaps adding in some breathwork or meditation is something you can do for you? All of these suggestions have one main component, make sure you are taking the time to add a little bit of joy back into your routine.

Are you excited for the new season? Let us know in the comments below! Also, don't forget to check out our Podcast Crushing Chaos With Crystal McGrath, for your weekly dose of healthy inspiration!

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