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The Benefits of Meditation


A common chant used in meditation practice. Now, before you get skeptical on the subject, this activity isn’t just for hippies and yogis as it was once associated with. Meditation is an ancient practice has numerous health and wellness benefits, and can help almost anyone who tries it.

Now, meditation seems simple, sit comfortably and just be. But there is a reason meditation is called a ‘practice’, because it does take practice to reap the benefits. Although sitting in a spot, comfortably and uninterrupted may sound more like a fantasy than a task, it truly does take some time and effort. Don’t worry, even though meditation may sound like more like a chore, it is truly worth it. Read below on the benefits and how to get started with this early pastime.

How To Meditate

Before you deep dive into the world of meditation, it is best to start with small bouts of time. Five minutes is a great amount of time to begin with.

- Find a quiet space where you can sit comfortably.

- Use a timer or your phone and set it for five minutes, remember we are taking small steps! PS - make sure once you set your timer/phone you set it aside. The purpose is to help you stay focused, not to watch the clock.

- Close you eyes, and clear your mind

- Focus on your breath, in and out.

- If you have any intruding thoughts, just place them on a cloud in your mind, and let me sail away. Return back to the rhythm of your breathing.

- After the timer goes off, re-evaluate how you feel. Relaxed? Energized? At peace?

The more you practice meditation, the more beneficial it will be. Also, try different form of meditation, such as breath work, guided, or sounds of nature. You will find the types of meditation that you resonate with.

Benefits of Meditation

If a practice has been around for thousands of years, there must be some great benefits that are associated with it. These are just a few of the positive outcomes of incorporating meditation into your life:

1) Reduced Stress

Focussing on your breathing and allowing yourself to become more in tune with your body can help fight stress and anxiety.

2) Aids in Emotional Health

Participating in meditation can lead to a more positive self image and outlook on life. Those who meditated show more of an optimistic and upbeat outlook on daily situations.

3) Contributes to Better Self Awareness

Some forms of meditation can help you become more in tune with your inner self, needs and wants. Helping you become more self aware and understanding yourself on a deeper level.

4) Improved Memory

With meditation, you will begin to increase mental clarity and better train your memory. This can help in order age with memory loss.

5) Improved Sleep

Now, all the benefits listed are great; and we are only scraping the surface. But, improved sleep is another positive side effect of meditation that everyone can benefit from. When meditating, you are controlling your thought process and the racing thoughts in your mind. This control you are excersising can be especiallly helpful when getting ready for bed, when your mind will not ‘shut off‘. By doing so, you can help your body and mind achieve a more relaxed state, faster.

Have you practiced meditating? Are you a fan? Remember meditation is not the easiest activity to learn or transform into a habit, and truly takes time. The more you practice meditation, the easier it will become and the more benefits you will feel. Start small, practice often and live well.

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