How To Increase Your Daily Dose Of Vitamin D

As you know, Vitamin D aka the sunshine vitamin is essential for our health, but it can be hard to get the recommended daily dose, and a lot of people are deficient in it too. You know that this vitamin is important but here are some quick facts as to why:

- Vitamin D reduced depression, and getting your daily amount makes you feel better. Hence, in darker months/climates, we can feel more 'blue' or 'down' than usual.

- Vitamin D boosts weight loss, studies note that this vitamin may help with appetite.

- Vitamin D fights disease! In today's world, it is more important than ever to keep ourselves in the best overall health. Making sure you getting enough vitamin D can reduce your risk of multiple sclerosis, heart disease, and the flu. - Vitamin D aids in bone health, the vitamin helps keeps your bones strong and helps protect against osteoporosis So, we know WHY we need to get out Vitamin D intake up, but HOW? Here are some simple and manageable ways to get your dose of the sunshine vitamin. 1) Get Outside The sun is a great way to get some of this vitamin. But some types of SPF can block the vitamins from the sun. Try to get outside for 10-15 minutes per day without sunscreen to reap the benefits, that is all you need!


2) Go Fishing Okay, maybe you don't need to go fishing, but consuming fish like shrimp, tuna and oysters is a delicious way to get your dose of the vitamin.


3) Throw In Some Mushrooms As a sidedish or into some pasta, mushrooms are a great source of vitamin D and are easy to add to your meals. Fact: Similar to humans, mushrooms produce vitamin D when exposed to sunlight. Wild mushrooms, or commercially grown ones treated with UV light, have the greatest vitamin D levels.


4) Egg It On Yolks are a great source of vitamin D, so forget the old fear of yolks being bad for you, we need them! Want to double whammy your vitamin D dose? Egg and mushroom omelet!


5) Take A Supplement Sometimes, we can't get outdoors or our diet needs an extra boost; try adding in a vitamin D supplement to help get you to your daily requirement.


How do you get your daily dose of vitamins, through food or with supplements?

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