Why Music Impacts Your Workout

Have you ever heard a song that makes you push yourself a little bit harder during your workout? Or maybe you have a song that you listen too to help bring you out of a funk, and instantly puts you in a better mood? I am sure this rings true to you because music really does affect your feelings. Especially during workout time!

So you know music does impact your workout, but how? We are breaking down the ways a great playlist can = a better workout.

Boosts Endorphins When you're working out, you are getting a surge of endorphins, those feel-good brain chemicals. Add in some music that makes you feel good and your brain also releases dopamine and opioids - two types of chemicals that are sure to bring a (sweaty) smile to your face.

Helps Reduce Pain Did you know that adding in some beats you enjoy helps reduce pain tolerance, especially during a killer workout (burpees, we see you...) You know your brain is releasing feel-good chemicals, but with a great playlist, your mind is on the music and less of what you are physically feeling. Therefore making it easier to add in an extra rep or two.

Ups Your Stamina How annoying is it when you are listening to a song, and someone changes it midway through? Not cool. The same mentality applies to your workout! When you have a stream of music you enjoy, you are likely to keep up with your movement and keep your workout moving. Instead of losing motivation, music can help you keep your momentum.

Not So Sleepy Similar to the idea that it helps with pain tolerance, you may feel less tired and more revved up with a good playlist. In addition to boosting feel-good hormones, and taking your mind off of the physical pain - listening to music you enjoy with a higher BPM (beats per minute) rate physically pumps you up! Having a great song makes your body WANT to move.

Need some workout playlist inspo? We are LOVING Crystal McGrath's newest single, Game On, streaming on all major platforms now! Great ready for your new favorite workout song on repeat.

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