Reiki is a form of energy healing that can help reduce physical, emotional, mental and spiritual stress. Reiki is a safe and gentle way of healing energy blockages and giving your mind and body a tune up. Reiki is a gentle way of energy healing using little or light touch transferring positive energy from a divine source to realign chakras and restore balance in ones daily life. During a session the client may feel sensations such as heat, cool spots, and tingling these feelings all pass as the energy blockages are removed. Overall clients often experience a deep state of relaxation and serenity. When we are relaxed our bodies are in the perfect situation to heal itself from the inside out.



Benefits of Energy Healing?

Reduction in Pain and Stress
Cuts chords of negative attachments
Increases intuition and spiritual growth
Removes negative energy
Aids better sleep patterns
Assists the body eliminate toxins
Can help reduce side effects of drugs and reduce pain after surgery
Aides the breaking of addiction
Balances the bodies energy


What are Quartz Crystal Bowls?


Crystal Quartz Singing Bowls each ring to a different note of the musical alphabet. Each note is designed to heal and balance our 7 chakras.  The sound waves that come from  the bowls travel through our body like a laser beam. You will find some bowls louder then others, and some more calming pending on your energy that day! Each time is different!!!

What does a session look like?

During your Reiki session with Crystal you will typically start by working to identify where your blockages lie in that present moment. During the session there are a variety of ways it will go. Some sessions you will lie fully clothed on the massage table where you will close your eyes and allow yourself deep relaxation during the Reiki treatment. Some sessions will be Intuitive Discussion, Releasing negative belief systems, angel readings, self development exercises, Sound Bowl Healing, Essential Oil Aromatherapy, Crystals, and Restorative Yoga poses. You are welcome to request any of the listed healing services for your session if there was something specific you wanted to experience.

Are Sessions always the same?

No, no two sessions are the same, as energy is always shifting our sessions need to shift as well. You will find in each session you;ll experience new clearings, release newly discovered beliefs and pain and feel different sensations and emotions in every session.  Each session is created specifically for the client on the given day using different tools, exercises and healing modalities to