What Clients are saying and experiencing!



"This workshop came at a perfect time in my life. I felt like my life was missing a few pieces and I didn't know how to obtain them. Crystal and Chany guided us through a beautiful meditation followed by positive affirmations that was truly inspiring and made me feel like I could take on anything! I am so glad that this class was run by two beautiful souls just wanting to change lives and inspire others! They helped me figure out how to obtain what I want and put it on paper. Plus, who doesn't love arts and crafts? Thank you Crystal and Chany for putting on this wonderful workshop!"





"I'm super excited to have been a part of the Big Picture Vision Board Workshop! 

I left inspired and driven to accomplish my goals. The meditation we did 

before making our vision boards was excellent. It helped me release my fears

and open up to the things that I really want in life. 


Another thing I loved about the workshop is that I was surrounded

by amazing like-minded people who are inspired to make great changes 

in their lives. 


I can already see the things I want to manifest unfolding!

I would absolutely recommend this workshop to anyone looking 

to make a big shift in their life!"






"Crystal was professional, insightful, and intuitive with my Reiki sessions. As she is an artist, she created a warm, clean, and nurturing hideaway to retreat to and guide me in spiritual repair.

Crystal was able to identify and support me on issues that I hadn't yet verbalized to close friends. We enjoyed warm tea and relevant conversation. She sent me on my way with imagery, food for thought, and a healing stone.

I look forward to continuing my journey with Crystal. I strongly recommend her to anyone."